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Individual Counseling Louisville KY

Our individual counseling component is designed to give you one-on-one time with a professional therapist who specializes in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction. This program is open to all individuals struggling with mental health concerns.

What Does Our Individual Counseling Program Entail?

When you begin your counseling program, our therapist will work with you to determine what that source of your struggle may be. They will then guide you through your emotions and responses to this, helping you to adjust your response to something healthy ways of coping. In our individual counseling in Louisville KY, we may discuss your family, your work situation, your relationships, and anything else that may have contributed to your current symptoms.

Treatment Modalities

Our Louisville individual counseling experts here at Solutions Counseling Center make use of various treatment methods in our individual counseling sessions. Here are a few of the modalities we often use.


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It’s a type of psychotherapy that helps patients deal with emotional trauma caused by specific life experiences. EMDR is recognized as an effective means of recognizing and healing from trauma. EMDR sessions help you change negative beliefs about yourself. This process helps desensitize traumatic memories and helps you reprocess those negative beliefs that resulted. EMDR is a highly effective method of treating trauma, but also depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and even addiction.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic (“of the body”) experiencing is a technique that was developed after studying the flight or fight response that animals have towards traumatic events. These animals often release large amount of energy when stressed by running or attacking. Humans, however, have learned how to hold in these responses. This means we often hold this energy instead of releasing it, thus blocking an outlet for our stress. Somatic experiencing begins by learning how your body reacts to trauma. You can then develop ways of releasing your anxiety, depression, or other emotional responses through body awareness.

Trauma-Focused Counseling

Trauma-focused counseling focuses on how a traumatic experience affects your emotions, mental health, behaviors, physical health and even your spiritual health. Here, we will focus on how the trauma connects to your symptoms and your overall life. As we understand how you react to the trauma and how it has affected these points of your life, we can begin to formulate healthier responses. These responses not only change how you view the past trauma, they can also affect how you process future trauma.

ABA Services

ABA or Applied Behavioral Analysis is another way of looking at how you respond to specific events and environments. It’s often used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, and brain injuries. ABA therapy looks to create new behaviors. You begin to associate a specific event with acting in a certain healthy way instead of your current conditioned responses.

Dual Diagnosis

Treating a dual diagnosis involves treating both addiction and a related condition such as anxiety or depression. These other conditions can play a part in your addiction. For example, those who suffer from social anxiety may begin to use drugs to feel at ease in crowds. However, when they come down from their high, the anxiety returns. Often, drug use makes these conditions worse, leading to the need to use drugs more often or use a larger amount of the drug in order to overcome the condition. This creates a vicious cycle that continues to get worse until you break out of it. We can help treat these other conditions through therapy alongside your addiction.

Would you like to know more about individual counseling in Louisville? The Solutions Counseling Center is here to assist you through our intensive outpatient program, counseling services, and other treatments. Contact us today to learn more.

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