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Group Therapy Louisville KY

Intensive Outpatient Programs are primarily offered in a group setting. In these groups, you will work with other patients to learn about addiction, how to combat it, and gain the tools you need to live a sober life. Group therapy is more than simply sitting in a circle talking about your problems or your addiction, though. It’s also more than a support group, although you should certainly still seek out support groups after you finish our intensive outpatient program.

If you’re considering our rehab program, here are some of the key points of our group therapy in Louisville KY.

Why Group Therapy?

A number of patients wonder exactly what group therapy does that one-on-one counseling sessions can’t. In fact, there are some lessons you can learn in group therapy that simply cannot be learned when working individually with a counselor. There is a benefit to being with other patients and discussing how addiction affects you all.

You’re Not Alone

In fact, that is a major benefit of group therapy at Solutions Counseling Center: you work with others who are going through the same experiences you are. From this, you will see that you are not alone and that your experiences aren’t unique. Others face similar circumstances, too, and overcome them. From listening to others, you will learn to have hope that you can overcome your addiction.

Find Support

Because you’re sharing your story and struggles with others, you can benefit from their support. Everyone in the same therapy group is there to support each other. You also have the support of the group leader, who is a trained therapist with years of experience in treating addiction.

Get Outside Points of View

Talking to group members can be highly beneficial. That is because one of these other group members may see something in a completely different light. By listening to these many different perspectives (and offering your own to others), you’re able to get a full picture of your individual circumstances.

How Our Group Therapy Sessions Work

The framework we use for our group therapy sessions incorporates education, support, and counseling. These sessions are all conducted and directed by one of our highly experienced therapists. As you become more aware of how addiction works, you will begin to see how your addiction has affected your life.

During our group therapy process, the therapist will act more like a coach or a teacher. They will guide the group through the various exercises and lessons. Our therapists may be direct, and will always be respectful of your self-esteem, self-worth, and dignity. We work hard to foster a positive relationship with every patient and to create positive relationships between patients as well.

During group therapy in Louisville KY, we use a structured evidence-based program that have been proven to work time and time again. These tested treatment methods include worksheets and workbooks that help reinforce concepts via reading and writing them down, discussions, and more. By the time you’ve completed the group therapy sessions in our rehab program, you will have a strong grasp on what sobriety means to you and how you can prevent relapse.

Group Therapy with Others

Our intensive outpatient rehab program primarily focuses on group therapy with other patients, but we also offer family group therapy on a weekly basis. Involving your family and/or support system has been proven to help maintain sobriety and build support outside of the program.

Like the other group therapy sessions, the therapist is here to guide the discussion and act as a facilitator. The goal is to help families to understand the impact of addiction on the addict as well as themselves. By rebuilding these relationships, you gain another support system and help reduce the emotional stressors related to them.

If you would like to know more about our Louisville group therapy sessions or how Solutions Counseling Center can help you battle your drug addiction, please reach out to us today.

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