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Aftercare Groups

Once you complete our intensive outpatient program, you may still be uncertain about moving forward. We understand that. Being on your own can be scary, even though you now have the tools you need to stay sober. We also understand that, while we work with you to identify as many relapse triggers as possible, it’s very difficult to cover every single potential real-world situation. You may find yourself in a completely unexpected environment or circumstance that suddenly makes you crave drugs.

That’s why we offer an aftercare program. By joining one of these groups, you’ll have continued support for as long as you want it. You won’t be alone—we’ll always be here to help you, even if you just need someone to listen.

What Is Aftercare?

Aftercare begins after you complete your Intensive Outpatient program or another type of addiction rehab. That program is designed to help you identify triggers, deal with what pushed you to use drugs, and learn healthy coping mechanisms when faced with stress and other triggers. Aftercare, on the other hand, is more like maintenance. It helps you keep those skills strong, and it provides a means of learning new skills if you find that you need them.

Getting sober isn’t something you do all at once. While completing our intensive outpatient program will give you the tools you need to become sober and remain so, our aftercare group will help you remain accountable and give you an outlet to discuss your struggles.

In short, aftercare is a key part of the recovery process, and those who join an aftercare group are much more likely to remain sober and have fewer or no relapses.

How Does Aftercare Differ from Intensive Outpatient Therapy?

Aftercare is not the same as an intensive outpatient program. Our outpatient therapy program is an intensive treatment designed for those who are struggling with addiction and want to be free of it. It consists of group meetings that meet three days per week for three hours. This program prepares you to live a sober life.

Our aftercare group, on the other hand, is designed for those who are already sober and have started developing the tools they need to continue living drug-free. It will provide education, support, and the tools needed to maintain your sobriety. It brings in some elements of the Intensive Outpatient Program, but it’s less intensive and meets weekly for one hour.

Is an Aftercare Group the Same as a 12-Step Program?

While similar, an aftercare group is not a 12-step program, although it may bring in some of the elements of one of these programs. Aftercare groups are more structured than 12-step programs, which tend to be more informal gatherings ran by volunteers. Our aftercare program is led by a trained therapist who specializes in drug rehab and sobriety. We have access to more resources and work more closely with patients. We do provide a similar type of support that a 12-step program does, but we also recognize that what we offer isn’t the same. To that end, we do recommend our patients seek out a 12-step program as well as attend our aftercare group. The two work together very well and will reduce the risk of relapse.

Another reason to join a 12-step program in addition to our aftercare group is to partner with a sponsor. By working with someone who has been sober for years, you can find the support you need to complete the 12 steps. Sometimes, knowing that your sponsor is only a phone call away is enough to help get you through the rest of the day until you can see your therapist or attend your aftercare meeting.

What Our Aftercare Program Offers

Our aftercare program combines therapy, support, and education. You will continue to learn about addiction and how to combat it. Like any healthcare area, there are always new discoveries in treating addiction, and we will share all of those relevant updates with you. You may find that one of the coping mechanisms you learned in our program isn’t working for you as well as you thought it would. We can go back and look at the other options so you always have a method that works for you.

As far as support goes, this group is a place to sit down and talk about what you’re going through. It’s not always the focus of the program, unlike a 12-step group where speaking up and sharing is the primary purpose. However, if you’re having a horrible time struggling with relapse, we encourage you to speak up and talk about it.

Above all, our aftercare group is a place where you can join with others facing the same struggles and get help from a professional. It’s not a replacement for therapy, counseling, or a support group, but it offers parts of all three. It’s a unique way of maintaining your sobriety that has been proven to work.

The Benefits of Aftercare

Aftercare has many benefits and shouldn’t be skipped over. Here are the key benefits to joining our aftercare group:

  • Relapse prevention. Attending regular aftercare meetings helps you learn to deal with relapse triggers and learn new ways of staying sober.
  • You continue working with professionals. Each group is led by a qualified therapist with experience in drug rehabilitation.
  • Access to new techniques and modalities. Because the group is led by a therapist, they can bring in new sobriety techniques and information to help you improve your coping mechanisms.
  • Combine support with therapy. Aftercare groups provide the benefits of both group therapy and support groups. Our aftercare programs are designed to give you the best of both.

Have Questions About Aftercare?

If you’re looking for a treatment center in Louisville, the Solutions Counseling Center is here for you. By following our focused, effective outpatient treatment program with our aftercare group, you’ll have the tools you need to regain your sobriety and move forward in your life without fear of relapse. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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