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Luxury Sober Living

Fairview Supportive Living offers first-class luxury sober living in California at affordable rates. Get a grip on yourself after addiction treatment from our safe and secure sober house.

Are sober living homes expensive?

Sober living homes come in all ranges of prices to make sure that everybody gets a fair chance at recovery. High-end sober houses can cost anywhere from $800 – $1,200/room per month. On the other hand, the rent for staying at a modest sober living house can cost anywhere from $400 – $600/room per month.

The cheapest kind of sober living arrangement is a state-funded halfway house, where you have access to basic lodging, food, and emergency medical care at a relatively less expensive price. If you have Medicaid, you can get covered for the cost of staying at a state-funded halfway house. We offer luxury sober living homes in California that promote healing and recovery in a natural and serene environment.

Role of sober living home in maintaining sobriety

A Sober living home is a safe living arrangement that, when combined with inpatient rehab treatment, can result in a successful recovery. A sober living house protects you from cravings and triggers as you will remain under permanent supervision.

Most recovering addicts that complete inpatient rehab treatment relapse in the first year following treatment. Sober living home is an effective measure to combat relapse and lead a healthy and sober life after treatment. Furthermore, if you do not have family or loved ones, a sober house may be your best bet at recovery. At a sober house, you will share the house with a group of recovering addicts who may support, inspire, and motivate you to maintain sobriety.

Purpose of sober living homes

The purpose of a sober living arrangement is to allow you time to regain control of your life after the completion of an inpatient rehab program. It gives you the time to adapt to the external environment without feeling triggered or tempted.

These homes are a temporary living arrangement, and it encourages you to build a routine, adopt healthy eating habits, participate in physical exercise regularly, and to attend support groups. These measures not only keep you focused on sobriety but help you lead a more fulfilling and gratifying life as well.

Difference between a sober living home and a rehab facility

A sober living house is a less structured living arrangement than a rehab facility and costs almost the same as what you’d pay for rent at a modest apartment. On the other hand, a rehab center is a fully-equipped treatment facility that offers comprehensive addiction treatment. Staying at a rehab center is a lot more costly than living at a sober living house. Lastly, insurance offers coverage for rehab treatment but does not offer coverage for the cost of sober living.

At Fairview Supportive Living, our focus is to help recovering addicts regain control over their body and mind in an environment that is 100% free from triggers. Join our luxury sober living arrangement and recover in our serene, soothing, and therapeutic environment. 

Luxury Sober Living