Intensive Outpatient Louisville

At Solutions Counseling Center, we have become a rehabilitation center of reference thanks to our intensive outpatient rehab program in Louisville, KY.

This program is ideal for people who are just beginning to seek help to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction and those who have already gone through a first detox program and want to reinforce their commitment and tools to lead an addiction-free life. 

Our drug and alcohol rehab center has developed this program with our patients’ long-term recovery in mind. We know that it is not enough to accompany people through a hospital detoxification process but to maintain the results over time, we must accompany our patients even after. That is why our IOP is one of the best treatment options for substance abuse.

If you are looking for help starting your drug or alcohol rehab process near you, you will need as much information as possible so that you can make the right decision when choosing one of the top rehab centers in Louisville, KY. That is why in this article, we are going to describe what our IOP consists of and what you can expect from this program.

What is an IOP?

Our experience over the years has shown us that after the main detoxification process is when our patients need us most to help them stay sober as they return to uncontrolled environments where access to the substances they were addicted to is once again available. An Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP is a form of therapy to treat addiction to substances such as drugs or alcohol that is widely recommended to many patients who have just completed a detoxification process and need help staying sober even after returning to their lives in society.

What does IOP consist of?

Our intensive outpatient program consists of a multi-focused treatment that is carried out by a multidisciplinary team of professionals. This allows us to care for our patients in a comprehensive manner to reduce the chances of relapse. 

The format of our IOP consists of 1-3 hour sessions several times a week. The sessions’ pace and duration will depend on each patient’s specific needs and the team’s plan guiding the recovery.

IOP and individual therapy

Included in our IOP are individual therapy sessions designed to focus on our patients’ specific challenges. 

Program Duration

Our intensive outpatient program is generally eight weeks in length. However, we have had patients whose recovery has occurred prior to that time and who do not require the focused sessions. However, we always recommend attending the entire program so as not to miss the opportunity to gain new tools that will facilitate the process of living a life of sobriety later on.

Generally, an addicted person’s recovery requires that they be guided through a personalized recovery plan that addresses their specific set of needs. That is what we aim to do with our intensive outpatient program. If you need more information, contact Solutions Counseling Center to learn more: 502-384-2100.

Intensive Outpatient Louisville