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How to Help Someone With Drug Addiction

Are you looking for professional tips on how to help someone with drug addiction? Alcohol Services is not just a great resource for alcoholics; our blog articles and content are also designed for families who suspect someone they love is abusing drugs. You’ll find a wealth of free information on our site, including the signs & symptoms of addiction. Once you know whether your dealing with an addiction, you can take the next step in reaching out to a treatment center in your community.

5 Tips to Safely Help You Help Someone With Addiction

1. Not everyone who offers advice knows how to help someone struggling with addiction- many friends and family members simply want to be a part of the recovery process or feel as though they’re doing something constructive. You’ll find proven effective methods on our site for dealing with someone close to you who is addicted to Rx drugs, street drugs, or alcohol. We highly encourage you to take advantage of all of our helpful information, including our helpline number that will put you in touch with our recovery specialists. Reach us at 844-454-5940.

2. An intervention can make it clear to someone you care about that their actions are affecting others around them. If you’re looking for an effective resolution to, ‘How to help a friend with drug addiction?’, contact a local rehab that offers intervention services. Our telephone agents can recommend a good treatment center in your area.

3. Resist the idea of offering your home as a place to detox- the results could be catastrophic. Withdrawals from drugs and alcohol can be intense, and require the expertise of someone who is qualified to help. Your friend or family member will be much better served at a rehab facility where they’ll be offered medication-assisted treatment- and they’ll be much more likely to complete detox with professional help.

4. Remember that loving an addict or alcoholic doesn’t mean giving in when they ask for money, a place to sleep, or an excuse when they don’t show up at work or at a pre-arranged event. Loving an addict can be difficult- the best way you can help someone addicted to alcohol or drugs is to commit to a tough love that seeks their highest good- full recovery from addiction.

5. Instead of spending hours on the Web looking for information on how to help a friend in addiction, visit Alcohol Services to explore all of your options in one location. Start in our blog and read some of the informative articles that will give you the confidence to take a step in the right direction. From there, branch out to other website resources, including state-specific rehab contacts and our helpline number: 844-454-5940.

Learn how to help someone with drug addiction by contacting recovery experts from Alcohol Services- we’re here to help any time you need support. Don’t wait until an addiction spirals out of control; bookmark our website and get familiar with the signs and indications that a friend or loved one is abusing drugs or drinking to excess.