Why Is Aftercare So Important to Successful Recovery?

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When you come to Solutions Counseling Center for our intensive outpatient rehab in Louisville, you may assume you’ll come out of the program fully sober, and that is true. However, just because you’ve addressed your addiction and have confronted its cause doesn’t mean you’re “cured.” Most experts agree that there is no true cure for addiction, and even recovered addicts with years of sobriety must be vigilant for relapse triggers. That’s why aftercare programs are such a vital part of a successful recovery. You need to make certain you’re aware of your state of mind, your health, and what could send you spiraling back to addiction.

Aftercare can include multiple different components. For example, seeing a therapist regularly and attending an aftercare group are important aspects of maintaining recovery, as is joining a 12-step group like AA or NA. Even building up a support system of family and friends is part of aftercare.

It’s Hard to be Prepared for Everything

During your intensive outpatient treatment, we will help you identify those things that pushed you into using drugs. These triggers could be certain environments, states of mind, or even people. By knowing what is likely to trigger a drug craving, you can remove yourself from those situations. However, there may be a trigger you simply aren’t aware of until you encounter it. As soon as you do, you may feel the need to get high or drink. Instead, you can turn to your aftercare program. You can work through the trigger with an experienced counselor to determine why it set off a craving and what you can do to prevent that in the future.

It Gives You a Foundation

Aftercare provides you a strong base for you to anchor the rest of your life. You know you will have someone on your side at all times who can help you battle addiction and the pull of addiction. There’s someone you can always turn to, even when you feel like you’re slowly losing your grip on sobriety. From that foundation, you can build up a successful life knowing that your sponsor, therapist, or AA group is there for you when things start to look grim.

Aftercare Provides Healthy Outlines

The longer you are a part of a 12-step group or in therapy, the less likely you will be to relapse. Aftercare programs give you an outlet for your feelings, continue to build motivation, and address the challenges of sobriety. Instead of turning to drugs when you get stressed out, you can talk about your feelings or challenges with your sponsor or a counselor. They can help you reroute those feelings into something healthy.

If you’ve completed your rehab here at Solutions Counseling Center, we hope you’ll continue your road to recovery by following through with our aftercare program. You can learn more about it and everything we offer by reaching out to us today.