Benefits of Attending an Intensive Outpatient Program

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When looking at drug rehab in Louisville, you likely came across both inpatient and outpatient programs. Both do have their benefits, but there are reasons why our intensive outpatient program may be perfect for you. Here are a few benefits of outpatient treatment that you can take advantage of here at the Solutions Counseling Center.

You Can Live at Home

One reason some people are hesitant about doing inpatient rehab is because they have to live at the rehab center for 30 days or more. This makes it very difficult to maintain a job or look after children. For single parents who have no nearby family, it’s an impossibility. Outpatient programs allow you to remain living in your home or with a loved one, so you have much more freedom and privacy. You can take care of your family more easily since you will only spend a few hours per day in treatment. It’s also easier to continue working.

Intensive Outpatient programs are typically 4 – 6 weeks, depending on insurance coverage and if you continue to meet criteria. They do tend to be longer and more flexible than an inpatient program. Studies have shown that being in treatment longer actually leads to better outcomes. Those who do longer outpatient programs typically don’t relapse as often, and they feel as if they have a better grasp on their sobriety.

There are also more opportunities to immediately practice your coping techniques. With inpatient treatment, you may not find things that trigger your cravings until you return home. In an outpatient program, though, you may find yourself discovering triggers and putting your coping skills to use regularly. You’ll be able to see what works and what needs to be changed.

You Have More Community Support

One major benefit of an Intensive Outpatient Program is that you have the opportunity to gain community support while in the program. It is encouraged to attend 12 step meetings and begin finding a sponsor. This helps transition back to the community early in treatment.

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