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Clear Life Recovery is an unrivaled alcohol treatment center in Costa Mesa. We not only focus on treating the addiction, but we equip the recovering addict’s mind and body with essential combat skills to cope with triggers to avoid relapse.

How to help my loved one from alcohol addiction?

If your loved one suffers from alcohol addiction, there are several ways in which you can help them overcome addiction. Some of them include:

  • Stage an intervention – Speak to an admissions officer at our rehab to help you hold an intervention meeting with the addicted person. During this meeting, a treatment professional and the addict’s family members can cohesively convince and encourage him/her to seek treatment.
  • Detox – Arrange for medical detox at a rehab facility close to your loved one. It works best on those with moderate to severe addiction issues to recover safely from the condition, and they can overcome the withdrawal symptoms in a pain-free, calm, and composed manner.
  • Psychotherapies – Here, we include therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, and others. These are useful for treating the addict’s psychological issues that trigger the use of alcohol. We offer psychotherapies as a part of their inpatient as well as our outpatient treatment programs.

Besides these methods, you can also convince your loved one to attend Alcoholics Anonymous support groups to bring on a change in their unhealthy lifestyle. Try to be consistent in insisting on rehab treatment to them for their betterment.

How can I maintain sobriety after alcohol rehab?

Sobriety is a lifelong commitment that requires determination, will power and resilience. You may find it extremely challenging to maintain sobriety, especially in an initial couple of weeks after rehab. However, once you involve yourself in new habits, routines, and relationships, things get much more straightforward.

Develop a healthy routine with a lot of healthy habits and stick to a healthy diet. Practice what you learned in rehab and use those techniques to overcome negative impulses, triggers, and stressful situations. Stay close to family and sober friends. Surround yourself with, strong, positive, and caring people that encourage you to maintain sobriety.

Make your appearance short at parties and events that involve drinking. Most importantly, make healthy and supportive living arrangements. At our alcohol treatment center in Costa Mesa, we create an aftercare plan for recovering addicts to follow post-rehab. We also keep a check on them with our aftercare programs.

Inpatient Rehabilitation for Alcoholism

Our inpatient rehab programs are highly successful in helping recovering addicts attain recovery goals in the shortest time. This is because we keep our patients occupied throughout the day with a series of psychotherapies, private, and group counseling sessions. Our 30-day inpatient rehab program starts with detox to stabilize and cleanse the body of toxins. The rest of the program will focus on teaching coping mechanisms, as well as sober living tips.

Don’t lose your loved one to alcoholism. Call Clear Life Recovery today so that we can help you stage an intervention. We are the least expensive alcohol treatment center in Costa Mesa.

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