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Our Mission

The mission of Solutions Counseling Center is to provide high-quality mental health and addiction recovery services to individuals and families, including assessment, treatment, and education. In our substance abuse program, we treat the addiction and its underlying cause, allowing our patients to move forward with their sober lives with less fear of relapse. In our outpatient program, we assist individuals in coping with the stressors in their lives by treating the whole person.

Our Vision

Offer a clear path to sobriety for those who are struggling with addiction while also helping them overcome any underlying issues that may impact their sobriety. We also offer quality mental health services for those suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, and other challenges that impact daily life.

In our Intensive Outpatient Program at Solutions Counseling Center, we truly believe that every person has the capability of becoming sober if given the right circumstances and support. We offer that support. This program is designed to do more than treat the symptoms of addiction. We look at the physical, emotional, and mental factors that, combined, led to addiction. We use a variety of treatment modalities to address each of these factors, creating a holistic approach to overcoming addiction.

Every patient who comes to us works through a customized program designed specifically for them. This includes the types of treatment used and the pacing of the program. We also stress that becoming sober isn’t a race to the finish line. You aren’t competing with others in the program or with anyone else—the goal is to become sober and remain that way, and it doesn’t matter how long that takes.

When you leave Solutions Counseling, you will have a strong foundation on which to build a new life. Our aftercare group will help you maintain that foundation and teach you new tools you may find helpful. We also help you find a 12-step group and a sponsor to further your support system.

It’s not enough to treat the symptoms of addiction or try a one-size-fits-all approach to sobriety. We understand that without a holistic approach to sobriety, it’s highly likely that relapse will occur.

When you come to Solutions Counseling Center, our team will be alongside you every step of the way, guiding you to your sobriety while also addressing trauma and co-occurring conditions. In the end, you’ll not only have kicked your drug addiction, you’ll be in charge of your life once again.

Our outpatient program has the same respect for the individual and offers a wide variety of treatment options. We will work with you to help address the challenges that keep you from meeting your potential.

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